California Super Post

So I’m just a bit of the way through the California road trip but I figured I would post an update. We started off headed west on I-70. Colorado was just fine but good lord Southern Utah is one of the most boring, monotonous places I have ever been. Seeing this:
is great once

But seeing it for 7 hours straight in 105* heat is pretty unbearable.
Next we ended up in Vegas which is quite possibly the worst place on the planet if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I love sinning as much, or more than the next person but this place is hell. It was 104* at 11:00 at night and within the 3 blocks we walked we got to see 2 crack deals. Not to mention they play towards my irrational fear of clowns.

Only upside: in-n-out burger. Fuck yes. More later…


About kingfridayinc

An independent skateboard press and art depot in Golden, CO. We just make stuff for fun and stupid shit to make people laugh. Everything is made out of love and made completely by hand. Much love.
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