I wanted to take a couple minutes to talk about design innovation; especially in skateboarding. I get so tired of seeing every person riding around on something that looks like this:

And even though I ride a Popsicle board most of the time, it’s always really refreshing to see “new” ideas in skating. So here are my 3 favorite failed designs in skateboarding…

Paint Roller wheels. So radical. They look fun as hell to try but I have no idea what they feel like. As 99% of skaters probably don’t. But anything that looks fun probably can easily be fun.

The Skircle. Rad name and probably a rad time. I don’t care if it was designed for ski training. I would be so excited to see someone in a skatepark riding this thing.

The four trucker. This design I have actually ridden and it is hard as shit to skate. But that doesn’t make it bad. I remember when people used to do things because they were more difficult and therefore more fun.
Remember kids just because things are impractical, stupid, hard, or impossible doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be done. Most of the fun you will have in life is failing miserably and laughing about it with your friends. So go out there and fail harder.


About kingfridayinc

An independent skateboard press and art depot in Golden, CO. We just make stuff for fun and stupid shit to make people laugh. Everything is made out of love and made completely by hand. Much love.
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