The 20 greatest skateboard artists (part 1)

Well i was a tad board at the old 9-5 today and I spend an awful lot of time thinking about things like this, so I figured it was time I made a list of my own. So right here, right now, is my list of the top 20 skateboard artists. The first ten today the next ten tomorrow.

#20: Chris Miller

Chris Miller was one of the very first to put his own paintings on his pro models. His painting are beautiful. At one point Chris ran Planet Earth clothing and Adio shoes, and still skates much better than you.

#19 Andy Howell

Andy Howell was the first person to put street art on skateboards. His work is intermixed with bright colors, comic characters, and what I read as an anti-establishment message. Maybe not revolutionary thinking in skateboarding at the time but Andy is certainly the first to do something about it.

#18 Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton’s work is excellent. He runs Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company and does a damn good job at it.

#17 Matt French

Though you may not have heard of Matt French before. Consider yourself warned. This guy has a ton of talent. And you are almost guaranteed to see it when he’s working with heavy hitters like Volcom and Pocket Pistols.

#16 Brad Staba

Love or hate Brad. He is funny as hell and talented, both on and off the skateboard. (being good friends with Brian Anderson helps too) Check out Skate Mental to see more of his stuff…

#15 Kevin Ancell

Kevin Ancell is amazing. Along with being part of the original Dogtown crew (I believe Wes Humpston taught him to paint) Kevin’s work is amazing. A hint to all you on the come-up: anti-white supremacist graphics and beautiful “lady hills” on skateboards cannot hurt your portfolio. Also, his oil painting are absolutely next-level.

#14 The Gonz

It is often said that the line between genius and insane is very thin, the Gonz walks it beautifully. His art embodies skating and his skating embodies art. The great Mike Mills described it best as “geniously dumb.”

#13 Bernie Tostenson

Bernie was never the best skateboard artist but he was one of the best designers. I was devastated to hear of his passing in 2009. On top of countless skate graphics Bernie did the original Sims wing logo among many other things.

#12 Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish hasn’t done a ton of commercial work; at least for major brands. I believe he was involved with Think in the ’90’s (along with Mike Giant, Doug Cunningham, and Jason Noto {fuck}) But you can tell he is unbelievably talented and his heart remains in skating. His brand Superfishal is also doing great things.

#11 Ben Horton

Though Ben Horton’s name may not come immediately in to cognition he is a great artist. $lave would not exist without his talent and insight. His drawings and paintings are extremely detailed and well done. And he has a very dark sense of humor which is always refreshing.

Thats it for today internet. Check back tomorrow for the TOP 10!
Much love,
King Friday
a.k.a; Retard Rocket

About kingfridayinc

An independent skateboard press and art depot in Golden, CO. We just make stuff for fun and stupid shit to make people laugh. Everything is made out of love and made completely by hand. Much love.
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