New Sticker Designs

So I’ve been pushing really hard lately to turn out more sticker designs because I’m giving out sticker packs at SIA at the end of the month. So the other day I churned out 6 new ones. Hope you like em…

The first one is pretty basic, good advice though. Being in a slightly altered state is never a terrible idea…

The next one is just a fun take on Tony the Tiger. I never really got why anyone cared what a dumb tiger thought about frosted flakes…

Next, is my take on the Stones logo. They’re one of my favorite bands ever and their logo is super iconic but having been on tour for 50 years now; I would have to bet someone has caught something, over the years… I’m looking at you Mick.

This is one of my favorites of the new ones. It’s obviously totally sarcastic. But my favorite part is the shirt that says “I used to skate.” I hear that an awful lot it seems like…

The last two you’ve seen before if you frequent my blog but now they’re stickers. So there.

Hail Santa!

And one of my favorite paintings I did a while back.

If you want a sticker pack, just shoot me and e-mail with your address, and I’ll make it happen.


About kingfridayinc

An independent skateboard press and art depot in Golden, CO. We just make stuff for fun and stupid shit to make people laugh. Everything is made out of love and made completely by hand. Much love.
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