3 New skateboards and 2 new graphics

Here are the latest shapes and graphics King Friday is trying to not sell. They really have the worst sales reps ever. First:

This is just a dagger shape with a graphic based off that painting I did a while back. I really love the concept for the painting (probably more so then the painting). Fuck living a life for the pursuit of money, if you do what you love you will end up where you want to be. (At least that’s what they tell me.)

The hammerhead is maybe my favorite shape I’ve made and probably one of best things to be stolen from Santa Cruz skateboards ever. (Including the production of the skateboards by China and the artwork of Jim Phillips [burn]) but maybe more importantly to me, it reminds me of two of my best friends. My friend, Luke Cooper, adopted the graphic as his model for reasons you are lucky if you know; and now this deck belongs to Marcus Corich. He is one of the best skaters I know. But none of his skating matters as soon as you just sit down and have a beer with him, he’s that good of a dude.

This is that same dagger shape but the graphic is based off a drawing I did called “all regrets,” the original drawing didn’t have the bra or the booze bottle; but it was suppose to play on the idea of never being able to forget about the things that you did or could have done. Dwelling in the past can be as harmful as only hoping for good things to happen in the future.
Get out there and be you. Everyone else is taken.

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Box from Common Genus

So I got a box in the mail from Common Genus Zine (aka: Jeff) In it was this amazing painting:

It perfectly expresses exactly how I feel about winter, and more importantly snow. Also in the box was a super fresh copy of the new zine. It’s amazing. I won’t show you too much of it so you have to go to commongenus.com and pick up a copy of your own. So here’s my two favorite pieces in it:


If those didn’t convince you to go buy one or all of his zines, then I like you just a little bit less than I did when you started reading this.

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I don’t really like using pencil or drawing portraits very much (I like cartoons and dick and fart jokes) but every once in a while its nice to do something you don’t do very often and kinda challenge your self. So I tried to draw a portrait of GG Allin. Love him or hate him, I have a certain amount of respect for him. He is a man that truly lived the life that he wanted to (minus that stint in prison [misadventure happens sometimes]). He did what he wanted when he wanted to do it and if you didn’t like it he didn’t give a fuck. We should all be that passionate about the things we really care about. So here’s the drawing:


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Michael Sieben Illustrates the Wizard of Oz

Came home from work today to find this gem on my doorstep.

I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have been given a copy of this before it releases on the 19th. You all should definitely go and pick up a copy. I’m sure you all know the story, but the illustrations in this new edition are absolutely incredible and take the story to the next level. I haven’t had a chance to curl up and read the whole thing but just thumbing through it I can’t wait to sit down and spend some time reading it. ( I think the last time I read the novel was in elementary school) I won’t show you guys a bunch of the illustrations so you actually have to go buy the book but here are a couple of my early favorites:



Definitely go out and get yourself a copy, you will not be disappointed. If you are disappointed I heard a rumor that either Sieben or the publisher (Harper Designs) will come to your house and cook you dinner…
But you won’t be so we don’t have to worry I that’s true or not.

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Dave Sheets for Arbor Snowboards

So SIA went down in Denver last week and while I was walking around I got the opportunity to see the new Arbor Snowboard my good friend Dave Sheets drew for them.

This thing is fucking awesome. It’s called the Whiskey. If you pick up a new snowboard this coming winter, you should make it this one.
Congrats buddy, keep killing it.

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Package from Michael Sieben

I to a package from Michael Sieben the other day, and it is truly one of the best things I have ever gotten in the mail. Snail mail is so underrated. In these days of internet who’s who? And Internet friends, face time, twits and tweets; the most refreshing thing is to get a package or letter or anything, that exists in real life… Any way this package was amazing. In the package were my two favorite prints Sieben has ever done:

Simpler Times, and Never Stop Rowing. Maybe the two most inspirational pieces I could look at every day. Along with the prints Sieben included one of the most amazing zines I have ever seen.

Hitten Switches is both barrels. It is a two year account of Sieben and (the also amazing) Travis Millard’s US Mail relationship of sharing and collaborating with each others. (Mind-melting shit.) I suggest you do your best to get your hands on it. As a preview, I will only post their sorta self-portraits/ sorta portraits of each other. Getting your hands on the real one is up to you…


And because I feel so lucky for getting all this amazing stuff, I promise I will do my best not to beat my turtle up for 24 hours. He can thank Sieben and Travis Millard. I’ll thank Allah, and You Internet; for always making me feel like less of a piece of shit, through side by side comparison. (Consider the turtle beat down for pay back for 2 girls 1 cup.) I’m like a saint compared to you, Internet.

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Harry Jumonji Documentary

This should be pretty amazing. A pretty similar story to “Rising Son: the Christian Hosoi Documentary” but this one seems a little bit more gritty. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

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