King Friday and The Love Collab


So recently The Love and King Friday decided to team up to make a couple of boards with my favorite The Love graphic and decided to put it on my new favorite shape. Love the way this one turned out. It’s going to be a super limited run so if you can get your hands on one, consider yourself blessed…
Tee hee have a nice day Internet

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Blind (not the company) Skater Tommy Carroll

This is pretty amazing. As Michael Sieben says, get busy living or get busy crying.

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At least one new sticker design before SIA I guess…

Alright, SIA is next weekend and I’ve been pushing to do and make as much as I can before then. Not for a company or really any particular reason; just really to see how hard I can push my creative side for a couple weeks, as well as my production side I guess. (all my stickers are drawn, computerized, colored, printed, laminated, and hand cut by myself) Having said that this is a new design and print before next weekend, hopefully this isn’t the last one before then, but we’ll have to see…

Have a good night Internet. I love you… Not for the porn but for all the classy parts about you, like… well the soft-core porn or whatever else it is that you do or have or provide

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Box from Timothy Olson

Yesterday in the mail I got this amazing painting from Timothy Olson. In the package I was really excited to also get these super awesome items as well.

That’s right. Some iron on skateboard transfers and “Cat Talk!” A book about living with cats. I fancy myself more of a dog person, but I’m always open to some nice reading material about new topics. Thank you so much to Tim, and if you haven’t seen his artwork or skateboarding, I suggest you google him or follow him on Instagram @instacramps.

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Two New Sticker Designs

Knocked out 2 more sticker designs this week. I hope you like em…


Stay classy Internet. Errr wait; the opposite….

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Box from Jeff Kubasak

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Kubasak for this amazing box of art. The two screen prints are amazing and are being framed as we speak, and the zine is amazing. I really hope I can keep getting my hands on them as they come out.

If you don’t know about his work, I suggest you check it at common or follow him on Instagram @commongenus

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The Love’s New Shirt Graphics

Here are the new t-shirts for the Love, as promised. Designed by Timothy Sisk and Dan Hunter; quite beautiful.




Well done gentlemen…

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