Heart Child Promo

This is a repost from Vans, but I think what the organization is doing is a good thing. And as they say skateboarders are a family and you should take care of your family. So I hope you watch the promo for this documentary coming out.

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Waiting for Lightning Review

So I watched the new Danny Way documentary the other day and I thought I would express my opinion on the film. Let me start off by saying I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Danny Way. He has taken skateboarding to unheard of levels, and is a true skater through and through. Having said that, I thought this movie was fucking terrible. If I was to rename it, I would call it “Captain Boo-Yah’s Guide to Getting XXX-treme.” It was everything commercial in skateboarding and none of the best parts about it or Danny it seemed. The entire movie was focused around Danny’s jump of the Great Wall of China. While that was an impressive feat, it was just that. A feat. No one else got to try it that day and now that it’s been done no one will ever attempt it again.
It showcased Danny’s “accomplishments” which is basically a list of giant jumps, bomb drops, and world records. Which are fine, but that’s not real skateboarding. Sorry Danny. I was hoping for an accurate film about the life and world of Danny Way the skateboarder. What this was, was a mainstream look at an extreme sports star.
I have never thought of skateboarding as extreme or for that manner a sport. If you are just getting started in skateboarding and want to be sponsored by Red Bull and compete at the X games that’s great. But that’s not skateboarding to me. That’s the spectacle of skateboarding, something for people to look at and point at and say “that’s so gnarly!”
Skateboarding to me is a lifestyle. Not only that it’s my life. It’s not something you can win or beat. Your only competition is yourself and the only gallery is your best friends during a session. The person I most admire in it is the person having the most fun. This film showcased none of that and felt like Danny’s competition and final defeat of skateboarding. However, I did expect that somewhat just because it was directed by Jacob Rosenberg. Who if you know, was the original videographer for the Plan B of the 1990’s. Who is of course credited with the second Super-group or super-team in skateboarding. Yuck.
I’ll take my friends and a case of beer over your super team any day of the week at any time and I guarantee we will beat you at the only thing that matters in skating. Having fun.

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New The Love x el Death Sticker Collab

So to mark the release of the 3rd issue of el Death and the pending apocalypse, the Love skateboards and el Death art and skating ‘zine decided to collaborate on a super radical new die cut sticker.

I hope you dig em as much as I do. ( if you look carefully the background is the same as the magazine’s)

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Subconscious Thinking…

So I’ve been going through a bit of hard times lately, nothing others don’t go through, but whatever. Just some emotional shit. So to get back in to a good mood I thought I would print out some stickers. They’re one of my favorite mediums, and I love how ephemeral they are. So I was at the computer just randomly picking files not really thinking about anything. So I hit print, laminated em and packed em up to take home and cut out. So I get home grab my scissors and start cutting, when I realized what stickers they were I couldn’t believe it.

I was blown away. The stickers I had chosen at random completely showcased my emotions.

It is insane how powerful and impressive the mind really is. Either that or I’m just really lame and emo…

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Kill Yourself With el Death.

I know I already put up the new cover of el Death but I thought I post this too… the new el Death includes the new el Death kill yourself until the apocalypse kit. An el Death sticker, a match, and a cigarette. Enjoy.

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New the Love Stickers

So I was at work the other day and found this old adhesive backed wood laminate and thought it would make some really rad stickers. So I decided to do some up for my good friends at the Love skates just to be nice. I dig the way they turned out. I hope you do too


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New el Death Out This Week!

The winter issue of el Death will hit finer retailers and galleries this week. You should try to swoop one up. And yes, that’s Marcus Corich doing a front smith with a beer in his hand at Wheat Ridge skatepark.

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New BrilloxKing Friday Shirts

So the other day we did a print run of new shirts that a good friend of mine Brillo did the art for. He does the best character drawings ever, and he nailed this one. This shirt and the new “the love” shirt I posted earlier are definitely my new favorites.


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Barry McGee Mid-Career Retrospective

Barry McGee Mid-Career Retrospective

Twist, a.k.a.: Barry McGee currently has a mid-career retrospective on exhibit at UC- Berkeley that looks amazing. SLAP Magazine has posted a review of the work as well as an original interview with Barry from when he was on the come up. Just click on the photo to check it out.

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New SLAP 20th Anniversary Issue

Just got this gem in the mail the other day. It’s the first print issue of SLAP since 2008 to celebrate their 20th year. It’s pretty amazing and ad free at that. It’s even got a portfolio check out with Michael Sieben, one of my favorite artists ever.

Go to slap magazine
To grab a copy

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