New Hats and Hoodies from the Love

So my good friends over at the Love skateboards have been putting a bunch of work in to their new line of hats and hoodies. I’m pretty excited to get my hands on this stuff. If you want to see more go check out the Love skates
Or just be on the look out for this stuff at your finer area skate shops. Here are some shots of the new stuff.





I’ll post the new t-shirts tomorrow. Later gators…

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A Day With Hunter S. Thompson

I thought this was pretty interesting. It’s a reporters documentation of everything that Hunter S. Thompson ingested in a 24 hour period, obviously before he killed himself. His writing was extremely impressive but this could somehow be more impressive…


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Fort Collins Trip

So a couple days ago I hopped in the car with a few of the homies from the Love, Marcus, and Tyler to go check out the skate scene in Fort Collins. He first stop was North Park which is an amazing DIY success story. Totally designed and built by skaters, and it did not disappoint.


It was snowy when we got there but the locals run a tight ship, and were shoveling and torching all the wet away. So many thanks to them for all that work and generosity. That park is so much fun, if you haven’t been I suggest you make a trip of it. So we skated north park until Launch opened up. Launch is a really rad non-profit run by Andy. It’s entire focus is just building community through skateboarding.
Not to mention at their facility they have this…

Such an awesome ramp.
So long story short: Marcus, Roman, Dan, and Tyler destroyed and I got to find out I’m not good at roll in’s while drinking. The proof is right here:

All in all an amazing trip. And I promise we will make it up again really fucking soon.

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Robots Perform Ace of Spades

Holy shit! This is pretty amazing in a real life Terminator kind of way. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the shit that is usually on here but shut up, it’s my blog I can put whatever I want on here.

Also it is important to note that it takes a 4 armed robot to do what Philthy Animal did with just two and a head full of crazy…

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New Sticker Designs

So I’ve been pushing really hard lately to turn out more sticker designs because I’m giving out sticker packs at SIA at the end of the month. So the other day I churned out 6 new ones. Hope you like em…

The first one is pretty basic, good advice though. Being in a slightly altered state is never a terrible idea…

The next one is just a fun take on Tony the Tiger. I never really got why anyone cared what a dumb tiger thought about frosted flakes…

Next, is my take on the Stones logo. They’re one of my favorite bands ever and their logo is super iconic but having been on tour for 50 years now; I would have to bet someone has caught something, over the years… I’m looking at you Mick.

This is one of my favorites of the new ones. It’s obviously totally sarcastic. But my favorite part is the shirt that says “I used to skate.” I hear that an awful lot it seems like…

The last two you’ve seen before if you frequent my blog but now they’re stickers. So there.

Hail Santa!

And one of my favorite paintings I did a while back.

If you want a sticker pack, just shoot me and e-mail with your address, and I’ll make it happen.

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Salvador Dali’s Concept Sketches for Alice in Wonderland

Well as you may know, I am a huge Salvador Dali fan, so when I came across these I knew I had to repost them. So if you click the link you can see all twelve of the concept illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s amazing book; Alice in Wonderland. I know towards the end of his career Dali worked closely with Eisner, and Disney and I really don’t know if these are from that period, incredible either way.

Alice in Wonderland by Salvador Dali

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Thanks to Josh Billings. This is possibly the best use of any of my stickers ever. And he does really nice tuck-knee Japan’s. (that’s my favorite grab)

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